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1st January 2010

My turn!

My mother person is out doing “arrivals” to villas in Coral Bay, Alfie is asleep and Molly is watching TV, so its my turn to write to you. I thought I’d better write now because later on, I’m going to steal another of the cartons of white wine which mother has left on the floor near the fridge.

I like this stuff. You stick your teeth into the carton then the stuff just dribbles into your tummy. Later, I can rip the carton apart and try to eat it so no-one knows what I’ve done!

Alfie and me have just had a fight: It was almost my fault but I am the puppy and I’m bigger than him, so he should have let me have the little bit of food which was left in Mollys bowl – but he wouldn’t .

Dad person shouted at me: “Jake, stop that!” ……

How did he know it was me? I was only shouting quietly. Bet Charlie blabbed and got me into trouble. (I’m going to get that cat one day but he’s so cute, when I go to bite him, I just lick him instead – then he scratches me!).

Oh, mother is back! I’m in trouble again coz ~I’ve got one of those wine things under my paw (I type left pawed) so she’ll see what I’m doing…………

Better go!


Jake x

Category: Cyprus Villas News