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1st January 2010

My nannas big bed……

I was born in my nannas big bed, at 81 Toner Avenue, surrounded by my doting grandparents, too many jelly babies to bear thinking about! – and Laddie and Paddie, nannas beloved dogs. Oh, my gorgeous mum played her part too!!

For many, many years, this big bed was the place of solace which made all the problems of the world go away……..layered with heavy blankets, I’d hibernate for what seemed like an age until I’d slept away any worries and felt ready to have “a nice cup of tea, pet”.

As you get older, its amazing how you revert to the early year comforts and feeling of safety: these days, living in the sun, the necessity for a “blanket wrap” doesn’t exist – and tea is more often served cold than hot…. but I still feel safest and most loved when snuggled up somewhere I perceive as being “safe” – normally resting against the “swishyness” of our settee upstairs, with Molly Mou as my “blanket”.

When our guests arrive in villas in Coral Bay or Peyia, I love the moment when I know they’ve all arrived safely, love their villa and are ready for their first nights sleep in this lovely place.Its a great feeling knowing they are content and comfortable…..

Have been a little poorly lately and have needed comfort/care – and its come in the form of wonderful dogs who’ve not left my side. Molly particularly, has been constant in her love and care; waking when I’ve woken and accompanying me when I’ve needed to “go”. She’s been totally wonderful. Alfie has stayed within sight of me and Jakes just kept pinching the teddy bears from our room!

My lovely friend Mary, who is thinking of getting a puppy, asked again today if she was doing the right thing…I’m biased but there’s no bigger love than that of a dog for a person and no safer feeling than when they are with you, looking out for you.

I blame Laddie and Paddie for my total devotion to dogs: but I’m so grateful to my nanna for introducing dogs into my life.

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