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1st January 2010

My happy tail…..

Because I’m feeling a lot better today, my mother person has let me email to you and say thank you for your wishes and cards! I’m so happy because I get turkey and chicken soup and creamed rice everyday. I pretend its okay but its really LOVELY! When my mum puts me back into my (new!) bed, I lick my lips and fur until I get all of the last taste of these lovely things….

I had to go back to see Annie the vet today : I had been “naughty” and pulled my drip out. I wasn’t being naughty; I was just itchy and needed to scratch VERY HARD and this thing came out of my body. Apparently I caused a BIG PROBLEM and had to go into the vet for the day. I didn’t mind. I sang loudly to Annie all day and she kept having to come to talk to me. I thought this was funny but the poorly dog next to me wasn’t happy. He kept telling me to be quiet but I just ignored him and sang and shouted louder….

My new bed is great. I sit in the sunshine during the day and sleep next to my mum at night. I’m not snoring yet but I will soon. I like snoring: it makes my tummy feel good and it annoys my daddy, which makes me laugh.

Anyway, I’m MUCH better and will get my stitches out on Monday (though I may pull them out before then – depends on what food I get).

Thank you again: Its great to have friends. I’ve told Alfie and Jake all about you but not Charlie cat coz he’ll want friends too

Be good and be LOUD!!

Molly Mouxx

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