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19th July 2016

my grandfathers, granddaughter

photo molly gateI was very close to my Granddad, who sadly died over 20 years ago. A quiet, unassuming man, he has twinkly blue eyes and always, a song in his heart which he shared with fervour , with my Nanna and my sisters and I.

A man who didn’t talk much about his past, I knew only that his sister, Nelly, lived in Cumbria and was older than Granddad but still felt it her right to ring him every Sunday to make sure he was eating properly! I knew he’d been taken as a prisoner of war, in the first year of World War 2 and that he cleverly said he was a cook, so he could spend time in the kitchen being able to feed his fellow man and himself.

Father of one son, my Dad, my Granddads real passion was my Nanna, who he adored above all else – and my Mum, who he doted on. They’d often spend Sunday afternoons, sitting at the table, watching old movies and crying at the soppy bits! Even after my parents divorced, my Mum remained as ‘daughter’ and visited whenever she could.

Why talk about this today? Well, 19th July was my Granddads birthday and, after Nanna died, I’d make a point of taking the day off to spend with Granddad . We did nothing in particular: maybe I’d take the dogs to see him or maybe we’d sit and watch the A Team on the Tv but always we had a great day and a giggle.

I tell Tony never to ‘take me on’ because I’m made of strong ‘stuff’. Once I stood with my hands on my hips, in a terrible temper and screamed at Tony, “I’m my grandfathers grand daughter – how dare you say that!”. He looked back and me and calmly said, “lean forward and drop your right arm, moving it side to side like a pendulum”. Stupidly I did. “There “, he said, “Now you are your grandfathers clock!”………

Anyway, today, the furry gang have been for a pamper day and are now safely at home, smelling divine and telling each other of their adventure. Molly couldn’t wait to get through the gate to see Barney (photo below). As we’ve got some regular villa holiday makers coming to our home in the next few days to meet the furries, we felt they should be washed!

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