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3rd July 2017

My Dining Table

Okay, confession time! I”m a right, royal pain in the butt when it comes to being tidy at home- and especially about my dining table being tidy!

The thing is, as you walk into our home, the first thing you see is this lovely table and I love it! But , it’s the first thing all of our family and friends see when they walk in, so from wet pool towels, to suntan lotion, to hats to keys to shopping etc, gets dumped on it!

I’m a Virgo. I cannot help it. I have the ”untidy is noise to me” gene- and an untidy dining table stresses me beyond anything you can imagine BUT I”ve also got the , ‘must be polite to our guests gene” so I battle hourly when we have houseguests over screaming at them/or just putting the stuff in their rooms – or just letting it all go.

Have learned a big lesson today: we’ve recently had 8 of us plus the furry gang, rolling around in our home. It was messy, noisy, untidy (especially the table) – but do you know what, it was also wonderful, happy, full of life – and I miss the gang very much – as do the dogs.

Still, only 10 more sleeps, one trip to the UK and many arrivals in our villas till the next set. So I’ll polish the table, dust down my attitude to the mess and open my heart to the next adventure! Bring it on!

Of course, I don’t mind the happy holiday ”mess” in the villas. Yes , we have to clean it up but it’s a great sign that people are relaxed and having fun!  Come and stay at a villa:

Oh- and note to much loved family and friends: just tell me to get over myself if I fuss – but PLEASE don’t put towels on the table !! LOL!

Category: Cyprus Villas News