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5th October 2014

My bosom buddy

The last arrival safely into the lovely 4 bed Villa Melanie in Coral Bay, I arrived home around 2am to find Barney T Rubble in the back garden, ‘helping himself’ to an item from the washing line. I should have known before I even got close to him that he would have one of my bras!

This morning, I’ve found another: this one, half hidden in a hole he’s ‘working on’ near the back door.

This fettish with underwear has only started recently: I’m actually nervous now when people visit our home, in case they find more of my underwear hidden around the place. I’ll have to explain to them that our puppy is in his ‘teenage’ years and has just discovered girls LOL!

For some reasons (and I can think of a few!), he’s leaving Tonys underwear alone and nor do my ‘bridget jones’ pants appeal to him , so there is some positive in the work of undergarments! I suppose its a good excuse for me to check out the new, posh underwear shop next to our office too!

Happy days! If you’d like to keep abreast of offers for winter sun holidays in Peyia and Coral Bay, please email to Barney on and he’ll tell all .barney july 2014