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11th January 2017

Muscles have memories

I was talking to my lovely physiotherapist during our ”session” this afternoon, asking him to explain what he was doing/why and how it all works. (Yes, am probably the patient he doesn’t want!)…..

He explained patiently that the mix of Tens machine , massage (lovely!) and , at this moment, gentle repetitive ”crunches” , involving ALL of my tummies , arms and legs, are all designed to help my muscles ”remember”. Seems that since those in my back were so violently cut into by the wonderful Dr P , (Only joking about the technique Doc! I am officially top of your fan club!), the muscles need to remember what they are there for and how to work!

Anyway, seems to be working. I’ve got home and my leg muscles have remembered how to walk to the fridge, the arm muscles lifted a bottle of wine out of the fridge with almost gay abandon – and the shoulders were strong enough to pull out the cork screw and pour the wine! Result! Don’t know what all the physio-fuss is about, ( and yes, I know you are reading George so I’m in BIG trouble)….

Memories, eh! If you are remembering how lovely it is to walk in the sunshine; to dip your toes in the pool; sit and read in the shade or run into the welcoming sea whilst enjoying a well deserved family holiday, email to me for best deals on the fittest villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia! – and don’t forget to book early coz it’s getting busy!

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