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12th August 2011

movies and memories

Once I’d checked in the guests to the villas in Coral Bay yesterday, I was home late afternoon and put the fire on, curling up to watch the TV. Tony decided to put some silly movies on, and I realised I was watching one of my grandads favourite things: The A Team!

In the latter years of my grandads life, I’d spend Saturdays with him. We’d go into Hebburn centre to do his shopping then have to get back to watch The A Team. Yesterday, as the movie played, my mind wandered to sitting with gramps, eating cake and talking family nonsense and I felt very sad that he wasn’t here…..

The A Team was followed by The Hulk: another family favourite! So, my plans to wrap pressies and finish putting up the tree, were lost in daydreaming, happy/sad tears – and totally silly movies!

Wonderful. Here’s to more festive afternoons like this!

Category: Cyprus Villas News