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1st January 2010

movement and sound…………

Its a beautiful March day here in Cyprus! I’ve just popped home to check on Alfie and see the whole gang and have had the pleasure of sitting in the “old gits” chair at the front of the villa, where I’ve just listened to the noises on the hillside.

Quite a cacophany today: the cockerill was cockadoodling to his hearts content; a feral cat was singing, probably for Charlie cat; Molly Mou was barking back at a little dog down the hill who wanted attention. Bees are buzzing around the shrubs and there was a plane overhead, bringing lucky holiday makers to our gorgeous island!

Had to come to work to get some peace!!

Yoga tonight – and, according to a recent survey, men are attracted to women whose hobbies are either dance or yoga: I reckon only men who’ve never SEEN women do yoga, find it attractive! Its certainly not a spectator sport in our Monday night class – unless you are watching our graceful teacher, Vanessa!

and breathe…………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News