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1st January 2010

Move over Tom and Jerry…………

Twas a lovely sunny day: peaceful, quiet and still – till Charlie kitten arrived home with a juicy carob rat hanging out of his mouth…..Before you turn the computer off, let me tell you a few things about carob rats. They look cute, like mice but twice the size. They live in the carob trees, harming no-one and just doing their carob rat things…..until someone (like Charlie ), spots them and brings them out.

I digress: Charlie runs in, followed by Molly dog followed by Jake monster – and all hell breaks loose. Jake wants the carob rat but so does Charlie. Jake could swallow Charlie whole coz he’s huge – but its Charlies carob rat and no-one is getting him.

Enter Alfie, who Charlie is a little in awe of and decides to share his carob rat with…….but Jake is having none of it and Molly is biting Jakes ankles.

I’m on the phone to a potential villa guest, trying to sell the delights of a new villa in Coral Bay while also chasing animal gang out of the house with a wet mop!

After what seemed like an age, the animals are all out in the garden; I’ve successfully booked another villa in Coral Bay – and the carob rat is hanging onto the strands of said mop for dear life – which I didn’t see, until I let the gang back in and everything went belly up again!

Peace is now restored though Tony is missing one slipper (Jake has it); one pasty, (again, Jake has it) and one sense of humour, (your guess is as good as mine!).

Me?I’m about to have a stiff drink and chat to the carob rat who is now hiding behind the cushion on the sofa near the fire and seems perfectly content: well, as content as a (now)three legged, half tail carob rat can be!

Category: Cyprus Villas News