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27th April 2014

Morning walk

This beautiful photograph was taken by Tony this morning, as we enjoyed a walk with our dogs, Molly Mou and Barney T Rubble. The rocky cove is midway on the walk from the Coral Beach Hotel bay towards Yialos Taverna. Its a rugged coastline with many hidden treasures: this bay being one of them.


The dogs and we, love to clamber over the flat rocks, stopping to admire the huge, rocks whose secrets I’ve tried to discover but who remain silent and still, almost ‘watching’ us as we pass. They are fascinating works of stone art and very interesting to look at! I expect that there are many ‘lives’ hidden in the rocks watching us back!


Molly likes to jump into the rock pools and get wet then roll on the dusty rocks, so we’ve got to hurry home to wash her little legs before she ‘sets”. Barney is more ‘cool’ and simply watches the sea, trying and not always succeeding in jumping out of the way of the waves.


This morning was warm, with sea salt smell in the air and the feeling of peace and contentment pervading the whole of the coastline we walked. A very good walk on which to feel grateful, count your blessings – and, most importantly, to send love to one of our family who is so very ill today and close to walking his last steps here with us all.


If you’d like to know more about the walks close to beautiful holiday villas and apartments in the Coral Bay or Peyia area, please email to me on

photo morning walk