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25th May 2014

Morning noises.

A beautiful Sunday morning has dawned here on Cyprus. Peyia is bathed in a golden light, the church bells are ringing, chorused by Barney T Rubble who is ‘singing’ his Akita heart out – and his many canine friends on the hill . Listening carefully, I can here the hollow tingle of the goat bells  as the herd make their way up the hill near our house. The birds are twittering away – its bedlam but gorgeous!

From the shared noise of my, Mollys and Barneys footsteps on the wooden staircase in our home, to the happy ‘purr’ good morning of Charlie cat and the click of the kettle as it signals, ‘ready for tea’, the morning noises are welcome and begin the ‘life music’ of a day filled with happy holiday guests arriving to beautiful villas in  Coral Bay and apartments in Peyia.

If you’d like to come and make some holiday noise with us, email to me on and I’ll sound out the best deals on rented holiday villas with pools for you! Happy Bank Holiday UK!