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1st January 2010

Morning Noises in Coral Bay

Since being a little girl, I’ve loved to lie still in bed early in the morning and listen to the early morning noises as the world wakes up. I remember reading once that noises made by men and those by women (!), were very different: apparently, with eyes closed, you can tell when a man or a woman has closed a door; made a cuppa; put something away: men tend to be “heavier” in movement than women.

Here on the Peyia hillside, Jake puppy has afforded me the pleasure of a whole new set of morning noise experience – being as I’m awake now from around 5am because Jake wants to play. And if I don’t get up, he begins to “sing” and thats a noise our lovely neighbours really don’t need to listen to this early!

The noises eminating from the village of Peyia are lovely. Early morning tractors trundle up the main road; goat bells tinkle merrily on our hillside as the herd is taken out for its morning stroll and feed. We’ve two totally unwired cockerills who “cockadoodle” from around 8pm each night then start again in tandem around 7am!

Cypriots keep many dogs for the hunting season, which begins early November. Now the dogs seem to sense the impending hunting adventure and howl or bark to each other from very early on – luckily our dogs simply listen and look at me as if to say, “shut them up please!”.

In the distant, on the Akoursos hillside where a tiny new development has just been completed, the rumbling of a generator or two is prevelant in the early morning stillness – and the occasional car passes through the village………..Its really pleasant lying and listening to the morning orchestra and feeling comforted that another day is starting just as it should and village life in Peyia is unfolding to meet the morning.

Course, I cannot lie still anymore! Jake wants to play chase around the pool; Alfie has gone back to bed out of the way and Molly is shadowing me just in case I really make friends with Jake and she is left out. Tiff and Tony are asleep and Charlie has gone vagabonding to see his friends on the hillside…..

I’m going to stick the kettle on and sit on the “thinking step” for a while and just watch and listen……..

Hope its musically noisy wherever you are waking up!

Category: Cyprus Villas News