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31st May 2019

Morning Mayhem!

Barney T Rubble was very unsettled around 6am this morning. Normally, he snores his way through until our alarm goes off but today, something was ”up” with him – so I got up to investigate…..

His head was pushed through the balustrades , so he was keenly watching something on the hill next to us. Surrounded by every noisy toy he possesses, he was in , ”action” mode, ready to pounce on something or someone.

I had to climb onto the sofa on the balcony to see what was going on because Barney wouldn’t move out of his , ”patrol corner” – and there was the problem….

Three of the Hill Cat Gang, were sitting in the long grass pulling faces at Barney, sticking their tongues out at him and one even had the cheek to turn around and wave her furry little bottom at him as she flicked her tail! The cheek of them! They were obviously having great fun and were delighting in the fact that , ”monster dog” was being held captive in his home while they were freely running around causing mischief!

Barney was NOT happy! Deciding to stand up on his back legs so he could look over the top of the balustrades, he began to bark his deep, earthy bark – and off they scattered……. though somehow, I think they’ll be back.

Our big silly doggy is currently eating his breakfast but his ears are ”ón alert” and I know that , when we walk up the hill, he’ll be watching for his  feral friends and will pounce if I let him. Which I won’t coz I found the whole episode very funny!

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Have a purrfect Friday!