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1st January 2010

more doggy tales…………

The last 24 hours have been very upsetting, so much so that Jake was caught sitting in front of the fire, reading a Cyprus Map! As he’s recently been into the shed, allegedly to find a cat and pulling out a suitcase instead, Tony and I are a little concerned that he is planning to move on….

Or he may have been till an hour ago……

alfie had to be rushed back to the vet yesterday for another horrible operation. Where the second tumour had been removed, had become very infected and he was very poorly. The op yesterday took a few hours and he’s been under sedation till this morning.
Overnight, I decided we couldn’t put him through anymore so cried my heart out for hours, on the way to the vet then whilst talking to them. They were wonderful and said, “don’t. Just give him a chance. He is strong and is fighting. We’ll help you and him. Just give him a chance”… we did and we brought him hour.

Tony was carrying Alfie up our steps, when jake spotted his doggy brother and so Jake sat down and SANG his beautiful Akita song over and over again. He was SO happy to see Alfie – and he showed it.

The songs touched my heart and I know we’ve done the right thing for now – for all of our family.

That said, I need a large brandy and sit down now!
Never again? I wouldn’t change a moment of our lives with our animals, despite having our hearts put through the wringer.

Susie F has been wonderful too: she’s there all the way, with The Great Raymondodoulou and we want to say THANK YOU to them. They are the best xxxxxx

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