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11th February 2010

More doggy tails……

Tony was telling me, very seriously today, about the people teaching deaf dogs, braile…. I wasn’t listening (which is fairly normal for first thing in the morning) but “Mmmmd” and “haaad” in the right places…………..then started to think about why dogs who couldn’t hear, would need to learn braille. I’m still trying to work it all out now!

Then , this afternoon, we’ve had a request for a longterm apartment, from a Russian agent of ours who wants to find somewhere to place ” A very knice couple” (read the email), ” who have a Cyprus Puddle”……………

We’re still giggling – and trying to work out if the dog puddles in braille or quietly!

And to top it all, Charlie has now had his booster. Alfie and Molly went yesterday and tomorrow, its Jakes turn……….watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News