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19th February 2018

Mooooove over, Tamworth Two!

What a completely, wonderfully crazy world we live in sometimes!

Firstly, a lady ”marries” the spirit of a pirate, on a boat out at sea then claims to have had a pregnancy scar. Now, a cow in Poland, has escaped slaughter by swimming to a nearby island where it has evaded capture for so many days, that it’s been given ”special dispensation’ to live out it’s days in peace and tranquility, without fear of being a food source!

Here, it’s Green Monday and the start of Lent, so we’re flying kites and eating shellfish and vegetables, washed down with local wine!

And yesterday, everything from jugglers to Alice in Wonderland to clowns to those in chef costumes, paraded the island for Carnival!

There are some terrible things going on in the world but thank god for the brave/barking mad and colourful souls amongst us, animal and human, who, ”do it their way”! More of that I say!

If you want to holiday, ”your way” in a villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location , in Peyia or Coral Bay, email to me on I may even share some more stories of the good type of craziness in this colourful area!