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1st January 2010

Monday morning blues

Its the 21st January, 2008 and the sun is beautiful! 22 degrees at midday and pleasant sunshine the whole day through. The skies are clear, sapphire blue against the true green of the trees – totally lovely.

Yet in the village of Peyia and Coral Bay, the “locals” (eg the cypriots and people like us), are walking around in sweaters and scarves saying, “isn’t it chilly today” while the holidaymakers, sunkissed and clad in shorts and Tshirts, smile over their coffees! I think we are getting too used to sun!

It could be an English psychological thing though: a great fun scouse lady we met at the weekend, to whom we showed a magnificent villa high on the Peyia hills, asked us, very seriously, “But what about Winter? What is the access to this villa like then?”…………

“Well”, said Tony, with his serious face on, ” how was the drive up here just now? After all, its 20th January today so middle of winter in Cyprus!…..”

Give this lady her due, she laughed at herself – which was a good job coz we were giggling like children!

So, another Monday is upon us and we’ve experienced another bright, sunny and pretty day here on the island of Cyprus…. do we appreciate it? You bet we do.

Every Cyprus second.

Category: Cyprus Villas News