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14th April 2014

Monday challenge!

With the start of the week upon us, there is great excitement in the Village of Peyia. The local elderly ladies are starting to bake easter cake and bread, ‘flaounes’, which are traditional cheese pies – all in preparation for the weekend celebrations.

Monday is also ‘washing day’; something which is the same in many places around the world. I remember my Nanna always washing on a Monday: it was ‘what was done’ and all plans got made around it. Streets in the north east, would be strewn with washing, wall to wall across the road and as children, we’d have to duck under the sheets as we walked to school – or try not to dirty them if we were playing football!

In Peyia, the small village houses are covered with washing today. You can almost guess at the number of people living in the houses, their ages, their jobs – washing tells all! As the houses are small, washing hangs from every room, often suspended out across the road. It really does feel like a ‘living memory’ for me.

As well as doing some of my own washing today, I’m going to try to make Easter cake: my version which includes a dash of brandy!

If you’d like to try a piece, please come to Peyia. Checkout our availability on or email to me at I can guarantee the villas and apartments are tasty even if the cake doesn’t ‘work out’!