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11th November 2017

Molly’s trampoline

At the tender age of 16 people years, our precious little Molly Mou is getting a little less agile than she has previously been – but that comes to all of us.

It breaks my heart to watch this tiny dog , who has a heart the size of a lion’s , try to jump up onto her favourite settee or bed and fail to make the distance. Why she keeps trying is beyond me, as she often falls heavily back onto the floor and it must hurt.

It’s second nature to Tony and I now to watch where she is going and have our hands ready to  , ‘give her a help up’ but you can guarantee she’ll come straight back down again within minutes! Through the night, she is on and off our bed until she eventually falls into snoring bliss- normally just as the alarm is about to go off for work!

Still, these are yet more of the special times which come with loving an animal and being by its side through the years, as she has been by ours since she ”found” us just under 15 years ago.

My heart is heavy with the reality that , soon, she’ll take her final jump into the safest arms she’ll ever have known but until then, she is welcome to lean on us and let us carry her to wherever she fancies- though I’m seriously toying with buying her a mini trampoline for Christmas!

(Don’t forget, Molly loves to help me book your holiday villas and apartments, so if you are thinking of 2018 , drop me a line and picture Molly Mou sitting on my knee at the computer – coz that’s where she is!

Category: Cyprus Villas News