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6th May 2018

Molly’s senior moments.

Our beautiful , 17 year plus furry daughter isn’t too well. Taking another trip to see Nikolas , our vet , this week, she wasn’t too good at all and I was concerned that it was maybe her ”time”.

Thank god, the diagnosis, whilst not ideal, is better than we expected. She now has tablets to help her tummy plus medicine for her joints – but there isn’t anything that can be done to help her , ”doggy dementia” – well, except love, care and awareness which we are more than happy to give to her.

With some of our family staying this week, she is being completely covered in love and cuddles and, when she’s, ”with us”, she is happy and when she is having a ”senior moment”, we simply watch over her.

She is my furry Cyprus angel and I know angels have wings so they can fly. Am praying for the strength to recognize when she is ready for take off.


Category: Cyprus Villas News