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10th February 2018

Molly’s retirement.

It’s a big day in the Bell household. We’ve decided that, at almost 17 years of age, it’s time Molly Mou retired from being in “Big Charge” or “Little Charge” , so we’ve handed the ropes over to Barney T Rubble.

Molly isn’t too fussed about not have responsibilities now. Completely deaf and a little ”doo-lally-tap”, she is very happy to either run around like a completely, new puppy lunatic then collapse into the deepest of sleeps till she wakes up and repeats the process!

Barney T is chilled and happy to be the ”One” – on the understanding that Molly stops trying to hide in his big furry tail and that his new role comes with an adequate supply of treats – and walks on his own, so his little furry sister stops getting her extendable lead wrapped around him!

So it’s all good. Molly can have fun and help me with some happy duties like, being there on check in to villas or apartments , or running riot while I do the housework , (which is one of her favourite things).

We are praying for a long, healthy and happy retirement for her –  and for many happy returning rental villa holiday customers for her to meet this summer (and many more to come!).

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