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1st January 2010

mollys morning

Probably the best part of the day is when we first wake up and Molly is sitting between us with her tail waggging, waiting for one of us to give her a cuddle. We then have to spend up to half an hour cuddling her and playing with her.
During this time, Jake is outside our bedroom door, trying to break in. He seems to have lost his tool kit so hasn’t drilled the door open – YET!

Alfie is chilled and just has a little snooze on his settee until I open the bedroom door, which signals to Jake to rush in and dive bomb whichever of us is still in bed…….normally me!

Downstairs, there is a dog queue waiting to be fed. Alfie now comes into his own and shouts and screams to be fed. With each then safely in their own eating areas, its time to start on the cats – and the fun begins again.

Still before 7.30 am and I start on the emails for holiday enquiries while the dogs and cats eat…..then medicine time, quick cuppa for me ,shower and work …………….and am shattered before I get into the office!

No wonder I drink! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News