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6th April 2013

Mollys moments…..

Its been a very strange few days for little Molly Mou. She’s been very clingy and very sad – but also very interested in the number of people who have been to see her (and us) and have been giving her extra cuddles/treats and walks…..

In fact, two of her favourite people, Susie F and Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, have spoilt her rotten and spent each morning with her in our home whilst we’ve been at work. Molly has been graciously accepting their love/kindness/time and attention to the point where I think we may have a diva in the making, so we are going to have to temper how we deal with this…..

Charlie cat is Mollys pal. They were snuggled up together last night but we have to respect that, in Charlies eyes, Molly is just, well, (snort), a DOG, for goodness sake – so we cannot expect Charlie to let her play out with him and his pals. He’s happy enough to play with her in the house but NOT if Gus , BlackCat or Big Bugger are watching: Oh, no!

We have some family arriving to stay with us tomorrow so I know that Molly will be fine. She’s going to get time to heal and will be loved better.

We will be fine too. Life has its own rhythym however much we believe we play the tune…… day by day for us for a while , cherishing memories and looking forward to those we have yet to make.

For better times and in hope that more animals will be loved as much as Alfie is xx

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