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1st January 2010

Mollys been stitched up!

Happy Day! My little Molly Mou has had her checkup today and all her stitches have been taken out. She is healing beautifully and back to being BIG attitude on tiny legs!

She’s doing her “downward facing dog” stretches and is even beginning to Irish Dance with me again. I’m so very happy!

course, she is also now taking up most of our bed; snoring like a trooper and demanding attention – but neither Tony or I care about that. She’s well and thats all that really matters…..

Thanks again to Nikolas and Annie for their loving care – and to Pitt, their gorgeous cat, for keeping Molly company in her “cell” in the vets.

Now we’ll all pray for Sprockett, Maries dog, who is going to Uk for an op on his spine!

Animals, honestly! Who’d have ’em! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News