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25th July 2018


Just under 16 years ago, someone threw away an 18 month old dog by literally throwing her out of their car onto the road in front of our car.

It was dark and we couldn’t see where the animal ran to , in the forest on the way to Kathikas but 5 days later, this tiny little doggy turned up at our home, having lived on the hill barely surviving – but determined to get to us. I recognised her immediately having seen her briefly in the headlights of our car….

Today, at 3pm, we had to give her back to the angels and with her, she took our hearts….. This tiny little doggy, full of attitude and love, has filled our lives since the day she found us. The smallest of our dogs, by far, she was the boss – and the most playful, loving animal we could have wished to have.

Family and friends adored her – and many would come to stay, I’m sure, just to see Molly! As she got into her dotage, so very many people worried about her and sent love and prayers: all of which I’m sure she received and helped her stay with us for a little more precious time than we might have had.

Right now, Tony and I are totally heartbroken but we owe Molly so very much for her love and devotion – and if we can pull ourselves together and keep remembering the very many wonderful times we’ve shared and if we can show a tiny percentage of the love of life and spirit Molly showed, we”ll come through this just fine – resting on her love as we’ve done for years.

Thank you, to the callous person who threw out probably the greatest little dog who has ever lived. Had you not been so cruel, we would never had shared precious years with our magnificent furry daughter…

Molly Mou, to say I’ll miss you will never cover it: you’ll be in my heart and every breath till I join you with the angels. Fly high, little girl. Thank you for choosing me as your people mummy. x

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