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1st January 2010

Molly Mou- my Christmas angel

The first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning, is Molly Mou, who stands on my chest waiting for me to open my eyes then gives me a big lick “good morning”.

Her little eyes are always full of love and kindness – and her tail, is constantly going at three hundred miles an hour!

Our morning routine then involves a very long cuddle and “chat”, during which Molly “grumbles” to me in her doggy language and lets me know what she’s thinking about and how she’s slept. We then check on Tony to see if he is showing any signs of life, other than “morning man noises” and, if he looks like he is going to wake, we get up quickly and go to make his a cup of tea.

Molly is the most delightful little dog who is loved by everyone who meets her. I am convinced she is my “angel”, who found us to bring warmth to my troubled heart after we moved here from UK and I was feeling very, very homesick. She is a truly special little animal – but not to be reckoned with, as Jake found out on Christmas Day when he tried to open her pressie as well as his own!

Just the right size to bit Jake ankles, Molly doesn’t hesitate in telling Jake to behave – and he is terrified of her!

Over the past few days, i’ve felt a little sad that I cannot see my family: the wrinklies, my father and sisters are all in UK and all, I pray, having a ball. Molly knows I’ve been feeling the distance from them a little and is showering me with extra cuddles , tail wags and licks. Of course, thats also got a lot to do with the surplus of turkey in the kitchen, which is having to be shared between the animals!

I’m taking her with me today to check on the guests in villas in Coral Bay. She’ll be happy to be out and will fuss them all the way she fusses over me ……….. and if any of them are hurting in any way, I know she’ll make them feel a little better. Thats her purpose I reckon – and we are so grateful she chose to live with us while she “does her thing” here with the humans!

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