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1st January 2010

Molly Mou – an update

I haven’t felt much like blogging these past few days. Molly has been very poorly and is still in doggie hospital. Today, she’s had a little op and some xrays, which show she has broken ribs so we’re going to have to give her tons and tons of TLC – which won’t be any problem at all.

She’s a spirited little thing: all ears and fluttering eyes, she’s got the vets running around after her and both have fallen in love with her. We are all lost without her at home but hope she’s back tomorrow or Friday.

Today, Alfie went to the vets too, for his weekly bath. Molly was thrilled to see him as he was her. When I went to collect him, I got extra cuddle time with Molly, whose little tail was going 20 to the dozen. I’ve been back tonight to spend an hour with her but she;s a little tired now from the op and was ready to sleep…….

Our poor customers: I’ve cried more this week in the office than I think I’ve cried my whole life! The customers have been great – and now know where the kitchen is! People I’ve checked into villas, must think the sun has given me huge swollen red eyes and strange, strangled sounding voice!

Anyway, our love and thoughts are with our little Molly Mou angel and we are waiting to welcome her home. Any love and prayers you can spare her, will be so much appreciated. “Thoughts are living things”

Category: Cyprus Villas News