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1st January 2010

Molly is home sweet home

I was delighted to bring Molly Mou home today – in Charlies large cat basket! She’s not out of the woods, poor little thing but is very happy to be around her Alfie and her favourite cushion and teddy bear. She’s snuggled up in her new bed, with baby blanket and cuddly toys and looks cute as a button – if you can ignore the stitches down both her tiny sides……

I was watching her as she slept next to the window in our bedroom and was musing that this particular window has been the “healing window” for a few of our pets: Cloudy cat spent 5 days in sick bay there, watching the tasty fat birds fly past and teasing him: Tiffy cat spent a few days cuddled up with us and staring into the hillside. Alfie, now fit and well, loves the rug in front of this window and watches the world go by – and now Molly has it in her gaze so she can daydream about running and playing when she is better.

When I’m under the weather, I curl up on our bed and stare at the rocks, olive trees and passing goats. Its a peaceful view but must hold many stories. I pray it holds secrets for Molly and that she’ll be entertained through her resting and will feel much better soon.

We all need to feel safe at home, whatever that home is. I’m just eternally grateful she’s back with us.

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