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1st January 2010

Molly – collared!

Molly mou is a very pretty little dog. She often has a little too much attitude for her own good but she is gorgeous.

Since she got her hair cut, she looks gorgeous BUT her old pink leather ‘diamond’ studded collar has looked tatty…….Thankfully, her Aunty Susie F was Mollys ‘fairy godmother’ yesterday and bought her a beautiful new, black velvet and sparkly new collar……….

It looks wonderful – but I’m a little concerned that Jake is taking a bit TOO much interest in Molly this morning!

Give her a few minutes and she’s start shouting at him to ‘go away’ – especially when she decides its time to go and ‘chase’ Charlies new cat, who is sleeping in Charlies bed!

have a lovely day!

Category: Cyprus Villas News