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12th October 2013

Molly, Barney, Charlie and Teddy

We’ve a newly established ‘furry gang’ in charge of our home now. Molly has made sure she is the boss- and that is only right. As the smallest in the group, she is well able to cause problems by jumping up and biting the underneath of throat- or anything ‘hanging down’ (something Barney has been practising on Tony…..).
Charlie cat and Barney T Rubble are the best of friends too – though Charlie doesn’t like to be bothered by Barney during the night when this huge at is sleeping on my pillow.
Teddy is the ‘honorary’ member of the furry gang. He’s Barneys best friend : this monster pup won’t go anywhere without Teddy. Yesterday, they were sat on the Thinking Step, ‘reading’ Brain Teasers and today, Teddy and Barney were cuddling up on the settee (not allowed but very cute).

Molly has had her ‘Christmas Pamper’ today and looks gorgeous so Barney (and Teddy) have come to the office this afternoon, to give Molly a little ‘relaxation time’. I know Teddy is happy near by desk but Barney is more intent on going through the bins under Emmas and Sams desks, to find biscuit papers and sweetie wrappers…

All good fun!

Category: Cyprus Villas News