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29th January 2016

Molly and the Concrete Mixer

Molly Mou, our precious little 14 year old Cypriot poodle/Yorkshire mix up, weighs only 4kilos but believes she is HUGE! She has the heart of a lion, the attitude of a Geordie Woman, (trust me, this is NOT good) and the speed of a whippet.

She also is an escapologist – a trait we thought we’d ‘confounded’, with a mix of chicken wire and new fencing/shrubs but, like many females, when she sets her heart on something, she is going to do it……

So, today, having been in bed with Nurse Molly, for 3 days while suffering the worst flu known to man or woman , (me, not Molly), I ventured to get up, owner the doors and breath in the beautiful, fresh air. Molly and Barney joined me on the Thinking Step and stayed there while I dragged my still PJ clothed self into the kitchen to make cuppa.

Then I heard the concrete mixer coming up our, normally very quiet, hill. I ran to the step, no Molly. Then a loud ‘beep ‘ of a vehicles horn and I just knew: my little ‘darling’, had escaped the garden for the first time in years and was in front of the concrete mixer, ‘telling it off’ for making noise!

I thank god and the man who drove that mixer, that Molly was saved from something terrible. The driver turned out to be a dog lover and, rather than hurt Molly, he chose to pull sideways and lose the impetus his vehicle needed to get up the steep hill.

Molly is now safely home, in the dog house. I’m having a VERY strong coffee – and the driver is in therapy trying to work out why a wild English woman, wearing ‘jumpers of many colours’, some of which reflected in the redness of her nose – and shouting with a voice coming from ‘craggy reef’, chose to try to cuddle him this day!

A happy ending. Thankfully.

If you’d like a story to tell about the sunshine and fun in Peyia and Coral Bay, email to Molly about villas with clean pools, here in our village and close to the sea.

The photo below, shows Molly peering through the balustrades, ‘guarding’ the molly head