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1st January 2010

Molly and Mayhem

Poor little Molly has been in the wars again. With the heart of a lion, she runs around the garden, jumping up and down the steps and generally making me feel tired just watching her. The day before yesterday, she slipped on the steep wet steps, stretched her little back leg too much and has hurt her tummy muscles and leg. One full day of bedrest, some sneaky chicken treats and lots of cuddles later, I’ve had to take her to the vet today.

She’s now had tons of sympathy, a good check over, painkiller and more sneaky chicken! At home on a few days rest, she is milking this for all its worth!

Tomorrow, her Auntie Susie F is coming with Big M, to look after her for an hour or so -so I suspect Molly will really play the sympathy card coz she knows Susie will spoil her!!


Category: Cyprus Villas News