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1st January 2010

miracle on our street….

When Jake came into our lives over 14 months ago, it was totally unplanned and, I felt, unnecessary. Who would willingly adopt a puppy built like a brick outhouse and only 5 months old – and one with an attitude problem to boot? To say nothing of the fact he is a “dangerous breed” dog and was mistreated for the first months of his life. He had everything going for him – or at least he did from the moment Tony set eyes on him, where he was tied up by the roadside (No, not Tony – I only tie him up in the privacy of our own home and when I want to borrow his credit card!).

Anyway, Jake came to live with us. Undernourished (definitely not Tony ) and very confused (? err, ……could be any of us). this great big lummox of a pup took over our lives. Months were spent “babysitting” him/walking him at all hours of the day and night coz he couldn’t sleep and neither could we/ loving Alfie and Molly dogs more for their patience with him………….and gradually, also thanks to input from Susie and Karen, this big puppy began to settle and accept his comfortable lot.

Now weighing in at over 64 kilos and only 2, he is so cute and cuddly but still loves to escape from home, not giving us a backward glance- so the whole house is Jake proofed: or so we thought.

This morning, I’m happily sitting here doing enquiries for 2010 holidays and my phone rang: Jake was out on the hill, going at top speed towards the village. I shouted for Tony, ran outside; my neighbour shouted that Jake had just run in front of a car and I was about to cry when I saw him: sat at the gate, waiting to be let in. Covered in twigs and stuff but waiting to come back into his home. Where he belongs…………

What a turning point! He’s home and safe and he knows it. Thank god for a happy ending this morning. (Course, he may just be hungry and have come home to refuel for his next adventure………_)

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