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1st January 2010

Mince and prints

Where else in the world would this happen? I called into the butchers at the centre of Peyia village today, to buy some mince and hamburgers. The shop is in the car park at the heart of the village and the family who own it, are great.

Everyone from Grandad to granddaughter (aged 18 months) help out …..

No, I”m not joking!

As Gramps wields the axe and chops the meat, granddaughter runs around making animal noises and giggling at the customers,. It can be a little scary but its a family business and this is how the children grow up- as part of it.

Today, only mummy was in- and I happened to admire a photograph she had on the wall, of her two little daughters – so she pulled up a chair, made me sit and went and got the photo album out and we sat and ooohed and aaaahed in our different languages , for 10 mins or so.

Whats the rush in shopping? And how lovely to just be people going about real daily life without the formalities etc

Lovely experience to share the photos with her – but I forgot the mince!