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11th February 2010

Milly Cat

Milly, a very special and lovely cat, passed away today at her home in Melbourne York, after being poorly for a long time but wanting to stay close to her people, Twosheds and Armani and to Pippa.

Milly was very like Jenny Twosheds in many ways: beautiful, elegant, precious and very loving, Milly differed only in that she got quieter as she got older – and Jenny Twosheds most certainly hasn’t!

Jenny loved Milly dearly and I know today that her heart is broken: she’s watched this little animal fight for the past few months and has known Millys time was coming to an end here but it still doesn’t ease the pain of having to say goodbye……

Loving an animal is a very precious relationship. Built on instinct, mutual trust and total adoration, words as we humans know them, don’t come into the equation. Anyone of us who have loved and lost a pet, know that words aren’t needed: the shared love is a living , breathing thing which transcends human communication and exists without shape or form, just in sheer abundance and clear happiness. Such a love is one of the most special in a persons life.

Today, I wish there were some words to share with Jenny to help her through this awful time but I know they aren’t enough. My love and thoughts are with Twosheds – but more importantly, Millys love is there too; always and complete. She may not physically walk the table or the chairs but her pussy cat spirit will stay close to Jenny and give out as much love as she always did to her beloved person.

With much love Twosheds xxxx

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