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29th March 2014

Milk, bread and a new best friend?

I was talking to Christos, our friendly , gorgeous electrician, about being scared by a large black snake whilst out walking this morning with Molly and Barney. The snake must have been snoozing in the long grass and Molly’s snuffling woke it and it shot up and across the road…….. Barney was looking the other way or would have chased it, I’m sure!

Anyway, meeting Christos at Villa Garlands, where he was servicing the aircon units ready for the holiday guests arrival, I was regaling him with my fears and he laughed: ‘That is called Office’, he said (though am sure the spelling is wrong!). ‘We need this snake in Cyprus. It eats the rats and the creatures. Just put bread and milk out for Office every day and it will come and wait for you and be your friend’………..

Call me old fashioned but no thank you. I love my ‘bezzie friends’ and no ‘office’ is going to join that gang in my lifetime!

Category: Cyprus Villas News