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1st January 2010


Yesterday, Steve Scissorshands, our gardener at work, came to help Tony by doing our garden (Tony is away training) and , in the style for which he is famous, cut back EVERYTHING to within an inch of its life!..

Well, not really but so it felt to me when I got home and looked around the garden and realised that:
– I could really see the bay from The Thinking Step. My view wasn’t through the lamtara bushes!
– I could see our neighbours over the wall to the right by the pergola – and worse, they could see me!
– The fruit trees were cut back so much, I could see the mountains in the distance rather than look at the ‘Joan ‘ bush and the Datura tree

I was horrified till I really took a good look around this morning and realised that, the view across our neighbours pool is of the sea and the takes in the ship which ran aground. The Thinking Step is now ‘open’ and I can see the whole of the village and watch the world go by. Best of all, the mountains look mysterious and inviting in the early morning light, so I’m making another coffee and am going to sit at the table for a while longer and just watch….

Think I’ve been shutting my eyes to this island for too long – or maybe just making sure I’ve got ‘stuff in the way’ to stop me taking a wider perspective of what is, a very beautiful world and another day to cherish just being alive…..

Don’t get me wrong: life can be cruel and there are so many precious souls struggling in this very moment but ‘out there’ a new day is unfolding and with it, infinite possibilities, hope, peace and beauty.

My Granddad used to say to me, ‘If you’ve got your health , pet, you are a very rich girl’….. and how right that is. So I’m going to ‘remind’ myself I’ve got eyes – and use them! Cyprus is beautiful. Come and have a look for yourself!

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