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8th November 2014

Mesani – a living dream

Tony and I are planning for the future and our impending old age so have been looking in Kathikas , for land on the ‘flat’ so we can build a home for us all to enjoy in our dotage.

This morning, the lovely daughters of Neo, one of the nicest gentlemen in Peyia, invited us to look at a beautiful bungalow which they are having built just between Peyia and Kathikas. It is stunning! Set on flat land, with views of the sea, the Akamas Peninsular and the rolling land around the area, I honestly wanted to move in there and then and simply ‘experience’ the peace.

Georgia and Mary were telling me the land was their grandfathers and was called ‘Mesani’ , which means ‘halfway’ (between the two areas). On the land registry plans, apparently it was referred to as ‘the land with three large carob trees ‘  – very apt for the trees are huge! The ladies were deciding to call the house ‘Mesani’ – a word which really suits the ‘feel’ of the house.

I’m so torn. Its such a gorgeous property and the location is wonderful – but we got home and I looked out of our front door at the view (below) and realised we live ‘halfway to heaven’ as it is! Maybe Mesani is for us – we’ll see but certainly its going to be a very special and welcoming home to some lucky people!

Come and look at the lovely holiday homes here for rent in Peyia and Coral Bay. Email to me on and I’ll send you photos so you can choose your heavenly holiday!photo view from the door