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1st January 2010

Men in and seeing purple!

Its been a wonderful few days, touring the island of Cyprus and visiting some of our favourite places, sharing them with Andy and Els. We’ve also had a few laughs on the way too!

On Friday, we visited Kykkos Monastery up in the Troodos Mountains. Its the most magnificent place and we were honoured to be there just before the Easter Service for Cyprus was televised. Due to the fact that the place is one of the highest religious order, visitors are not allowed to enter the Monastery if they are showing any flesh on eg shoulders for women or legs, for men. This meant that Tony and Andy had to wear one of the purple robes before they could enter the premises – and those robes were most unbecoming.

Andy, who is tall and elegant and very funny, duly adopted the poise and grace of a monk, walking the areas with his hands behind his back and generally sharing the peace and tranquility with anyone who passed him. Tony, more robust in manner and wearing Raybans, carrying a state of the art camera and wearing sports socks and training shoes, looked totally hilarious and walked the grounds like a sportsman in search of his teammates. Els and I couldn’t stop laughing at the pair of them!

Today, we’ve been to Bellapais in Northern Cyprus – and it was Andy and Tonys turn to see purple when they dropped Els and I off at a shop which was selling the most beautiful and very expensive bedding – and we just had to have some!

My purchase was for a pressie for a wonderful friend of mine: Els, for herself and I’m chuffed for her coz its totally beautiful.

We’ve eaten, drank and eaten and drunk some more…….I’m completely and utterly flup – and also completely and utterly indebted to Sue and The Great Raymondo for dog and cat sitting – AGAIN! xx

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