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5th August 2014

Meeting Demands

Its always interesting and challenging caring for the general public. Where the public on holiday is concerned, that factor is times by thousands! We have a joke in the office that, for many people, ‘brains are left behind in the airport’! From not being able to ‘see’ a parasol in plain sight to being unable to tune in TV or not being able to switch on the aircon unit, its all great fun. We’ve had calls through the night about a/c not working only to discover the guest was using the TV switch to try to operate.

Last week, at almost 2am, we took a call because a salt cellar had run out of salt! …..

That said, its good for people to simply relax and let us take the load – and we are happy to do so in 99% of the cases. The odd drunken call to complain about eg a kebab they’d eaten, is part of the colour too.

Mind you, nothing has compared to the demands made by Barney T Rubble since his weekend ‘promotion’ to being ‘in big charge of the downstairs area of the house’: new collar, more food, new toys…….new bed – the list went on! (But he’s worth it too!)

Speaking of demands, the photo below is of one of the demanding divas in our own family , LilyMae. Currently on holiday in Ibiza with her granny (my sister Maxine) apparently she is demanding (and receiving) , everything!

If you’d like to demand a great holiday property from us, email to me on and I’ll do my best to meet even the most extreme demand you can request!photo Lily May posing