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1st January 2010

mechanical breakdown……

Its no good – I’ve had to come out of the office into the warmth of the lounge and SCREAM! What is it about machines that makes them NOT do as they are told?! All I want is to print off a letter (which is typed already) and fax it (on the printer /fax which is ready and waiting) – and the computer won’t do it!!

I’m so annoyed with it, I’ve had to ask Tony to take over so I didn’t throw it through the window.

Actually, Tony nearly went with it because, in typical male style, he came to my assistance then began to give me a lecture on how to use a computer and what I was “probably ” doing wrong…..

“Its only a letter, Darling”, I grimaced – “Can you please just get the (!) machine to GIVE IT TO ME SO I CAN FAX IT”!

Anyway, its calm upstairs. Molly Mou has only done a small piddle and Jake is safely locked out, ( in the pouring rain), so cannot do any damage until we choose to let him back in – which might be before I let Tony back in!……

Wine will help: local, chilled, Cypriot white wine: extortionately priced at 1.78 cyp per bottle (or whatever the “funny euro money” equivalent is). I can taste it now and am savouring the moment before the first drop touches my lips – which is a good job because I’ve JUST BROKEN THE CORKSCREW!!!!


Category: Cyprus Villas News