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1st January 2010

meanwhile, back on planet earth…………

Tony and I have had some fun this weekend. We have acquired a 21ft speedboat to play in for a while and decided to make the most of it, heading to Latchi for a few hours yesterday with Paul, James and Jordi (aged 7).
It was great fun: Jordi was a star, entertaining everyone with his impromptu greek dancing on board then acting all concerned as his Aunty Lynn tried to very unelegantly, get off and on the boat without the boys laughing – or looking.

It was so great, we went back this morning but discovered a few laws of life and our work:
– the phone still works
– it rings just as you dive off the boat so you have to get back on
– it will always be ringing with a problem requiring urgent attention – today, a fridge had broken down and a pressure valve on a rooftop had blown……

Still, all was not lost. It somehow didn’t seem so bad organising the repairs while bobbing about on the water…..

Only downside was that I forgot to take dry clothes so had to sit in ‘squishy shorts’ having a coffee afterwards plus with hair that a chicken would have been proud to have in its nest! Still, no-one recognised us – after all, how good they? We may have had fun but we looked TERRIBLE!

James Bond and Bond Girl, we are not! More Brook Bond and monkey!

Category: Cyprus Villas News