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3rd November 2012

Meanings and meanderings….

The Thinking Step, at the front door of our home in Peyia, is a place which holds many secrets and has witnessed eg dramas/broken hearts/tall tales – and a few bottles of the sparkly stuff!
Family and friends who come to stay in our home, inevitably end up spending a great deal of time on The Thinking Step: the views are magnificent, the steps a little uncomfortable, especially when shared with Jake, who also loves them – but the spot is just the right place to think, reminise, debate, create and let go………..

On this step in the recent weeks, I’ve shed many a tear worrying about Alfie dog and how best to help him. In this past week, I’ve been joined not only by Jake but also a friendly little Robin, who sings his heart out and proudly sits opposite The Thinking Step , watching Jake and I with great interest.
Today, he is there again so I decided to look up what a Robin signifies – and it was beautiful: he sings to share the sheer joy of being alive, whatever the circumstances and represents, in a nutshell, the joy of just letting go and living in the moment, finding beauty and creativity in simple things – and singing in the face of any adversity
So this little friend has a lot of responsibility but he most certainly has warmed my heart and made me “sing” today: pity Jake wants to chase him! And god help us if Charlie cat sees him!

Hope there is a Robins song in your heart today.

Category: Cyprus Villas News