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18th November 2015

Me, my cat and iPhone……

Our beautiful Charlie Cat passed away in my arms on Sunday and I’m heartbroken. Found in a box in a restaurant in Lefkara, when he was only weeks old, this precious little animal has spent the past 10 years surviving being poisoned  , bitten by a snake and the gang of feral cats on our hill. With his best friend, Gus Cat living next door, I’m trying to take comfort in that he had a ‘life well lived’.

He was much loved, that’s for sure. I’ve just had a card from our neighbours, who loved Charlie (which is a good thing as he spent most of him daytime in their home!): they are heartbroken too. Nicknaming him, McCavity, he was special to them too…..

Anyway, last night I attempted to ‘drown my sorrows’ and did so very enthusiastically, drinking and crying buckets! In the process, I put my iPhone, complete in its pouch with my credit cards, into a ‘safe place’. … Today, I”ve been out of contact coz I couldn’t find the phone – till about on hour ago when I went to the downstairs bedroom to get a pair of shoes and found the phone inside one of my cowboy boots! I think I need therapy!

Still I’d rather have lost my phone than have lost Charlie but part of loving an animal is knowing that at some stage, you have to let them go. The love from him to us is worth all of the pain – but the headache from the wine , isn’t!

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photo charlie cat