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1st January 2010


1st May and we’ve got the last Coptic storm of the year upon us. Lashing rain and wonderfully grumpy thunder! Jake has a “play date” with a couple who love him and want to use him to get fit/get him fitter – and I don’t think he’ll want to go: he’s a bit of a baby and doesn’t like the rain!

Alfie is calm but lying on my feet and Charlie is in his room, with his friend, the black and white cat – and I don’t think Charlie is too keen on his mate today! They have been fighting over food and half a lizard which is left on the floor (yuk).

Molly is snuggled in her bed upstairs, with her teddy bear and, thankfully , a tummy full of nice things like her favourite dog food, some chicken soup and a little bit of turkey! She is a bit brighter today but very sleepy. With the rain coming down, bed is the best place to spend the time, me thinks………..

The only big downside is that I’ve guests to check out of villas in Coral Bay, who’ll be unhappy that they haven’t seen too much sun this week – and those to check in ,who’ll not be pleased to be met by rain! Still , it passes quickly and the sun comes out again.

Good way to look at things today !

Category: Cyprus Villas News