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1st January 2010

Mathematics and sequins

We strutted our stuff yesterday at Paphos Harbour. It was wonderful! Mick and Theresa, Bill and Jane and Tony and I wiggled our way along the cafes and ignored the men trying to sell us things.

Stopping at the cocktail bar (well ,you have to ), we were told it was Happy Hour where you buy one and get one free. Except with pints of lager where you buy one and get a half one free – if you’ve bought a second pint! Then you get two halfs free, if you buy a third pint! Confused, you will be!

A couple sat near us, explained that they come each day for Happy hour and buy a bottle of wine and get 30% discount…..

So it seems happy hour has various rules , depending on the drink and the day of the week!!

Talking to the wine drinkers, we learned that they are in Cyprus for sequence dancing. They enquired whether or not we had ever experienced their favourite “sport”. Bill replied that he didn’t look good in sequins so he didn’t think that it was for him. Mick just laughed and Tony continued to try to work out what drinks we could get when!

I’m shattered and its only day one of the hols!

ps Hello Therese! I know you are reading this and yes, I took the wrinklies to The Grande……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News