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27th April 2019

Marlena Dramatica – the Truth is Out!

Oh dear! There is an article in one of the UK daily newspapers today, in which a very ”learned’ man talks about the book he has just published, in which he explains his very controversial theory: Aliens are already here and marrying humans……

Telling Tony , my husband, about this early today, he didn’t look shocked at all but merely commented that it seemed my Mum, his esteemed Mother In Law, was finally going to be revealed in her true colours!

I was shocked! How could he think my Mum to be an Alien? Had she not been part of his life for over 35 years, during which she has both lived with us in our various house but also followed us to Cyprus, where she lived in this village for over 10 years? So he’s had plenty of time to get to know her; to understand her and her, erm, foibles – so he must KNOW what the truth is?….

Or maybe that’s just the point!

But as one of the three offspring of this wonderful, completely crazy woman, I have to say that, since one of my sisters had her third and fourth leg removed; the other has sported a beehive for many years to hide the antennae on top of her head and the third of this , has calmed down her penchant for talking to , ”unseen people” and ” the various loonies in the area, ” (whether animal, vegetable or mineral), I cannot see a problem!

After all, Marlena Dramatica is as normal as we are…………….

Ah! Now I understand! The truth is definitely out there!


Anyway, the real truth is that we have wonderful offers on holiday rental villas with clean pools and apartment in GREAT locations , ready to rent for your May or Autumn holidays, so why not beam me a message today – or email to me, which seems to be the more preferred way amongst you humans LOL!

(Photo is of our cousins, when they were stoned!)

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