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1st January 2010

Manners maketh the puppy!

Its a lovely morning here in Coral Bay and Peyia. After even more storms, overnight, the sun is now in the sky and the air is fresh and lovely.

While Tony has been to see some villa guests in Peyia, I took the opportunity to take Jake , our 59 kilos puppy!, for a long walk along the older village roads between Coral Bay and Peyia. Currently edged with almond blossom , the roads are perfect for a nervous “people mum” and big, daft energetic puppy!

Once we’d got over Jakes initial excitement and I’d developed the knack of not letting him lie down in the muddy puddles, we had a great time! It was early, so there are no-one about to either distract the pup or want to chat to me – so we walked miles and miles until we were both happy to lie down in muddy pools!

Well, not really. I wanted a coffee and Jakes one sticky-up in the air ear (the other has been damaged since birth), was looking very tired, as was the pup!

Lyndsay, who trained Jake well, had explained to me that she’d trained him by using the command, “Manners, Jake!”, to which he responds by walking to heel and stopping pulling. Its quite funny but does work. Telling him he has “manners” and is a good boy, really makes him happy – and him behaving and not pulling me over, makes me happy to!

“Course, we got home and all he wanted to do was chase Charlie cat and pull Alfies tail! “Manners” must be an outside word coz its had no effect here at home, whatsoever! I suppose we cannot have it all!

Happy Sunday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News