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13th August 2016

“man stuff”

I was delighted today , when my lovely husband invited me to The Mill to share a drink with he and The Great Raymondodoulou. Actually , doubly delighted because:

  • they drink alone (well with each other)
  • Middlesbrough were playing – and they both love the team!

Remembering a bit of advice given to me years ago eg “keep your hat by the door”, I went anyway, at the end of the working day and was delighted I did.

I’m not sure how the match ended but Tony and TGR were lovely – and the added bonus was that Christian , our pool liner manager and great friend, was ‘playing out’ too – so it was fun!

BUT the real fun happened accidentally . Let me explain: Ian, a great man whom we’ve known for many years and for whom we’ve worked for years , was in The Mill with his friend, “Nameless”. Ian and TheManWhoShallNotBeNamed, were enjoying a little time out from their families – and took up the opportunity of being there to have a hair cut and shave, at Alex’s Bar , next door to The Mill. They each looked great when ‘done” and I complimented them, saying they looked like twins. “Nameless’ who was a very lovely and good man, then began to tell us how hard it is to be a man, coz hair grows so quickly and every three weeks begins to ‘run away with itself’ , so it was wonderful to find The Mill and to find Alex! As a handsome man of very little hair, from my perspective, I found this quite charming (and funny) but , not happy with this, this sweet man went on to share with the boys and I , how being in the sun, affects his skin and makes it dry! We discussed moisturiser and treatments – and stifled a giggle – particularly Ian, who was trying to keep a deadpan face under his new haircut!

Suffice to say, beers had been supped; stories shared and problems solved  by this time – though obviously none of the men present had taken the time to share their ‘living in the sun and coping with man hair/dry skin’ issues with Nameless!

In all, a very pleasant hour in The Mill  – and lots of ammunition to wind this very nice man up during the rest of his stay. Mention his name? Moi? As if? ….(keep reading the blog!)

If you’d like to book a villa with a pool, get a haircut and get tips on how to keep your skin ‘lovely’, email to me on Or , if you are male, send me your hair and skin ‘best tips’. Thank you !

photo the mill